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PYOP - Pimp Your Own Pizza

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Pimp Your Own Pizza (PYOP) concept allows you to create your own Artisan pizza at home with the options to mix and match our premium quality Pizza kit, with a wide selections of meats that we have on offer

Inside the kit you will get:
1 x 250g "live" pizza dough
100g Cheddar Cheese
90g Tomato sauce/paste
Your option of preferred meats

Pickled Jalapeno

1. Defrost in the fridge 1 day before baking (if frozen)
2. Take Pizza dough out of packaging
3. Cover work surface & hands with flour to minimize sticking
4. Stretch dough to desired shape and size.
5. Poke holes with a fork on dough to prevent bubbles when cooked.
6. Brush olive oil on top of pizza dough surface
7. Add tomato paste on pizza
8. Bake #1 in preheated oven at 200degC for 10-12 mins or until crust starts to turn golden
9. Take out from oven. Brush additional olive oil on crust and add your cheese and toppings
10. Bake #2 at 200degC for 4 -5mins or until cheese are melted and toppings are cooked
11. Your DIY pizza is ready to be served


* Baking time varies depending on type of oven
** Bake twice to ensure dough is properly cooked and at the same time not to overcook the toppings

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